Boer Goat for Sale in United States

If you are looking to buy a Boer Goat for sale online in the United States, then you have landed the most recognized seller, the Good Poultry Farm. We are known for breeding, raising, and exporting healthy and high-quality Boer Goats all over the US. We are working in this field for years and our experience helps us to bring out the best result in breeding and farming.

Buy Boer Goat Online:

– Boer Goat for sale
– 400 Heads Available
– Price: $149.99/head
– Guaranteed Best Price

Boer goat

About Our Boer Goat:

– All the Boer goats on our farm are healthy
– The Boer goats are friendly in nature
– We maintain hygiene to keep the goats odor-free
– All the Boer goats are used for dual purpose
– The goats are all free from any sort of diseases and parasites
– The farm goats are well-bred champions
– You will get goats of all sizes, weights, and specifications
– We are registered farm livestock sellers in the USA
– You can select from our collection of Boer goat, bucks, kids, and does
– The goats can serve for different purposes like breeding, meat, and milking

Farm Visit to Buy Boer goats:

If you are interested to Buy Boer Goat in the USA, then you can visit our farm as well to check the quality of the livestock. You can check the standard of hygiene and quality of goats before making any purchase decision. You can also mix the category and breed of our farm animals. We ensure the most competitive price in the market.

Why Buy Boer Goat From Us?
You can buy Boer goats from us online and offline both. At Good Poultry Farm, we raise the goats in the natural atmosphere grazing along with the supplements of the mineral lick. We try to maintain the ideal and natural temperature and grazing fields with shrubs to ensure optimum growth. Due to the ideal conditions, all the animals stay fertile and fully functional.

The Boer goats of The Good Poultry Farm are well-bred champions. To maintain the health of the livestock, the certified vet surgeons check them from time to time. Timely vaccination is executed to keep them free from diseases and parasites.

Know More about Boer Goat
If you want to buy Boer Goat, then here are some interesting facts about this special breed that are quite fascinating. In the early 1990s, Boer Goats were developed in South Africa. This goat has gained instant popularity for meat production due to its excellent growth and carcass quality. This breed is highly resistant to any sort of disease.

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Boer Goat for Sale – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is raising Boer goats profitable?
Risk is part of any business. However, if you take proper care of your Boer goat; then it is always profitable. Farming of this fast-growing breed is a good way to make money quickly.

What is the cost of the boar goat?
The price of the Boer goat differs depending on different factors like size, weight, age, and health of the animal. The price range of the Boar goat comes in between $75 to $300. In Good Poultry Farm; you can purchase a single goat for $149 only.

Is boar goat farming easy?
If you consider all farm animals, Boar goats are the easiest species to keep. They are very calm in nature without any temperament. Moreover, this social animal prefers to stay in a group.

Why the price of the Boar goat is so high?
Boer goat is a very fast-growing breed. The farming of this goat is highly profitable. If the animal is healthy; it is worth the price you pay for it because you are going to make a huge profit from it very soon.

For how long do the Boer goats live?
The general lifespan of Boer goat is 8 to 12 years. As this species is naturally resistant to diseases; the healthy goat can live up to 20 years under preferable circumstances.

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