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Merino Sheep for Sale
500 head available
Price: $149.99/head
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Merino Sheep For Sale

Good Poultry Farm is the most trusted platform to get Merino Sheep for Sale in the USA. Our company is engaged in breeding, raising and exporting Merino Sheep. We have extensive experience in production and trade. Our Merino Sheep are exported to all the major places in the United States of America.

About Merino Sheep:

  • All the Merino sheep are of an excellent dual-purpose breed
  • The sheep are Human friendly and easy to pet
  • The livestock of our farm is free from any bad smell
  • The sheep are highly fertile with good mothering qualities
  • Our sheep comes with hardiness & adaptability to all climates
  • You will get the finest quality wool in the business
  • The sheep are the most economic converter
  • The sheep are feed to mutton and wool
  • We are Registered sellers of Merino Sheep in the USA
  • You will get sheep of all sizes and weight

Merino Sheep Availability:

  •  Merino Sheep
  • 500 head available
  • $149.99/h
  • Best price guaranteed

Farm Visit:

To Buy Merino Sheep, you can visit our farm. You can check the standard of hygiene we maintain on our farm. You can choose and buy the sheep directly at a competitive price.

Why Buy Merino Sheep From Us?

We focus on constantly improving the genetics of the Merino sheep that stands out in both wool quality and reproduction. Through data analysis along with artificial insemination, we strengthen the bloodline of our sheep. Our key focus areas are healthy, herding instincts, and many others.

We make sure that our livestock gets the nutritional food to keep them in the best condition. The team of veterinary surgeons visits the farm periodically to check and vaccinate all the animals so that they stay away from any sort of ailments. Our committed and repeating customer base believes that the healthy Merino Sheep of Good Poultry Farm comes with the assurance of longevity, hardiness, and service.

Know more about the Merino Sheep

Merino sheep is a breed of domestic sheep known for its soft and fine quality wool. This medium size sheep is quite beautiful in appearance as well. Generally, a Saxon Marino can produce 3 to 6 KG wool every year, but Peppin Merino can produce up to 18 kg of wool in a year. The thickness of Marino wool is around 24 microns.
The sheep need yearly shearing because the wool grows continuously. If they don’t shear on a regular basis, it can lead to a lack of mobility, heat stress, and blindness as well.

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Merino Sheep for Sale – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the cost of merino sheep?

Depending on the size, location, and registration charge, the price of merino sheep in the USA varies from $140 to $300. The cost of the merino sheep depends on the size and maturity of the animal. In Good Poultry Farm, you can buy $149.99/head.

Is Merino Sheep available in the US?

Yes, merino sheep is available in the US for farming. The Good Poultry Farm has an excellent collection of merino sheep which can be delivered all over the country.

Is the Merino sheep business profitable?

Merino sheep farming is very profitable. You can farm Merino sheep for its high-quality wool. The wool you can get from the sheep is quite expensive.

Generally, merino sheep live for how many years?

Merino sheep is a healthy animal and they can live up to 10-12 years. A mature sheep can even live up to 20 years. However, the wool farming is done just for 5-6 years only, then the sheep are sent for slaughter.

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4 reviews for Merino Sheep

  1. Alex Stark

    purchased merino sheep from goodpoultryfarm. The company service is very good. And the product is high quality.

  2. Aaron

    My friend recommended me Good Poultry Farm and experience with them is very good. I ordered Merino Sheep and all the animals I received are healthy.

  3. Zahra

    Highly recommend to try Good poultry farm website, recently I send merino sheep’s to my friend & family form here. Super-fast delivery with healthy animals.

  4. Oliver

    The quality of the merino sheep was very good, it was delivered on time……thanks team

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