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Piglet for sale
250 heads available
Price: $1.80/lb (140lbs to 200lbs available)
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Piglets for Sale

We, at Good Poultry Farm, cater to livestock buyers all over the USA with excellent quality and healthy piglets for sale. We aim to maintain the health and hygiene of all the piglets we breed on our farm. With extensive experience and knowledge of working in this livestock industry for years; we ensure our customers only receive the best quality animals from us. We bred, raise and sell the animals directly from the farm without any third-party procurement.

About Piglets:

  • We ensure only healthy gilts and boars breed to produce high-quality piglets.
  • We maintain utmost hygiene of all the animals and no foul stink will be found on any livestock
  • The piglets are easy to pet and domesticated
  • We periodically check the piglet genetically to maintain quality.
  • The piglets can be raised for dual purposes like breeding or meat consumption
  • The breeding takes place on our farm only
  • You can get piglets of different sizes, weights, and ages
  • We are the registered breeder and sellers of piglets in the United States
  • We have minimum shipping charges to deliver the animals to your doorstep
  • You will get all the required certificates of breed and vaccination along with the piglets
  • All the animals are of good breed, healthy and high quality

Available Piglets:

  • Piglet
  • 250 heads available
  • $1.80/lb (140lbs to 200lbs available)
  • We guarantee a competitive price

Farm Visit:

We encourage all our buyers to visit our farm and select the piglets by themselves. Only when they are satisfied with the standard of the livestock; they can make the buying decision. You can Contact Us to book your slot for the farm visit. We also provide shipping of the livestock as well.

Why Buy Piglets From Us?

In the USA, we are the registered sellers of livestock including piglets. We maintain the natural habitat of pigs, boars, and gilts for optimal growth and health. We provide them foods with all required nutrition. Our customers always prefer to Buy Piglets from us because we maintain the quality and health of our livestock.

We also maintain the health check-up scheduled by professional and certified vet surgeons. They check all the piglets periodically after birth and complete all the vaccinations to keep them safe from any sort of diseases and parasites.

Know More About Piglets:

The domestic piglets are raised on the farm for breeding and slaughter. The meat of the pigs is considered as the premium food in the USA. And for that pig farming is quite popular.

Piglets for sale – Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a piglet worth?

The feeder piglets are the most popular breed for pork. The price of this piglet starts from $50 which can extend up to $200. From The Good Poultry Farm, you will get them for $1.80/lb whereas piglets of 140lbs to 200lbs are available.

Can piglets be pets?

Piglets are quite smart animals and can be trained as a dog to be domestic pets. For a small apartment; they are a very good option for a pet. They can also be trained the basic tricks.

How long do teacup pigs live?

Generally, the potbellied pigs can live up to 12 to 18 years. The teacup pigs don’t have that much-extended lifespan due to their poor immune system. They can live around 5 to 6 years.

Are pigs expensive to keep?

If you compare piglets with other common pets like cats or fish; then they are expensive to buy. Along with that; there are expenses of their feed and maintenance. On the other hand; their company is always rewarding which is much more than the cost you bear.

Is a piglet a good pet?

The baby pigs are too cute. Moreover, they can be trained. As a result, they are the perfect pet for a small family. It is always a joy to be around those animals.

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    Wonderful website for buying piglet online to your dear one. They have great customer support. I got my delivery in a very perfect manner. Highly recommended…

  2. Arthur

    I have ordered piglet from your site and it was delivered right to the address. It was really a great home delivery experience.

  3. Charlie

    I am very happy and satisfy by the quality of piglet. Thank you so much goodpoultryfarm for the wonderful experience!

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