Red Angus

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Red Angus for sale
400 heads available
Price: $1199.99/head
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Red Angus for Sale

The Good Poultry has an excellent collection of commercial Red Angus for sale. We are one of the well-known breeders and exporters in the USA. All of our cows are in the best condition and healthy. We export all over the United States. With extensive experience, we raise the breeds on our own farm in a hygienic and natural habitat to ensure maximum growth of healthy Red Angus Cows.

About Our Red Angus:

  • The Red Angus Cows are genetically improved
  • We provide healthy livestock from our farm
  • We maintain natural yet sanitizes habitats for the cows
  • We keep all the animals perfectly clean and odorless
  • All the Red Angus cows are vaccinated and disease-free
  • All our animals are well-bread champions
  • We supply in all required quantities all over the US
  • You will get all the relevant certificates
  • The Red Angus Cows are available in all sizes and weight
  • We ship all over the United States at a good rate
  • We are the registered sellers of farm livestock

Available Red Angus:

  • Red Angus
  • 400 heads available
  • Red Angus Price: $1199.99/head
  • Guaranteed Best Price

Why Buy Red Angus From Us?

The Good Poultry is the most ideal place to buy Red Angus in the USA. We ensure the natural atmosphere, temperature, and grazing for maximum growth of the livestock. We ensure regular vaccination and de-worming by certified surgeons. They check all the animals periodically to maintain their health and keep them away from any sort of disease.

Farm Visit:

To check all the Red Angus cows of The Good Poultry in Idaho, United State you can visit the farm. We will welcome every buyer to inspect and verify our farm animals. If you want to Buy Red Angus, then Contact Us for the farm visits.

Know More about Red Angus

Red Angus is a reddish-brown colored beef cattle. This breed is commercially reproducible for meat purposes. This muscular-built variety does not have any horn.

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Red Angus for Sale – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the price of a Red Angus?

If you want to buy red Angus calf in the USA, then it may cost around $170 per hundredweight (CWT). In Good Poultry Farm; you will get $1199 per head.

Is Red Angus better than black Angus?

Both the red and black Angus have the same features. However, there are some advantages of Red Angus like heat tolerance and being less prone to eye cancer and sunburnt udders.

Which is better Hereford or Angus?

If you consider the meat quality, red Angus is better than Hereford. Moreover, red Angus is less prone to diseases.

Is Red Angus recessive?

While considering the genetic order, the black gene is dominant while the red one is recessive. The coat color of Angus; is the result of genetic inheritance.

Why Red Angus cattle are popular?

Red Angus cows are known for their excellent quality of milk production. The cattle are calm in nature and easy for the farmer to handle. Moreover, the meat is also very good.

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5 reviews for Red Angus

  1. Garry

    Very reliable. If you are looking to purchase red angus cow online, I will highly recommend the Good poultry farm in Idaho.

  2. Katherine

    We really appreciate Good poultry farm for the Red Angus Cattle. The order was delivered as discussed.

  3. Elanie

    While searching for Red Angus, I found Good Poultry Farm. After some research I decided to buy from them. I found them very reliable and price was also OK. Thank You

  4. Harry

    Trustworthy delivery and excellent collection of commercial Red Angus at goodpoultryfarm. Keep up the good work team!

  5. Jack

    The quality of the red angus was amazing and the delivery service was very fast.

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